Integrated applications to digitalize your processes

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Solutions for Industry

As a provider of integrated engineering solutions, CAD Schroer supports its customers in the implementation of digitalization. CAD Schroer develops individual Industry 4.0 solutions in close cooperation with its customers and implements them within the context of individual projects. We utilize standard technologies adapted to meet each customer’s specific processes and requirements.
VR Apps und Software

Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

Virtual reality, or VR, offers many new possibilities to improve the presentation of your products and services. The simultaneous use of cloud technologies allows management to hold regular project meetings with a wide variety of user groups. CAD Schroer has developed methods and technologies that enable your CAD data to be used directly in VR. Our VR applications offer you the opportunity to become immersed in your design by experiencing it in virtual reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

Augmented Reality enhances our view of the world and provides new possibilities to simplify communication between man and machine. With the help of the AR, people can see superimposed information in real-time. CAD Schroer has a range of AR applications that can each be adapted to suit individual customer requirements. For example, the operation of complex equipment can be dynamically explained using AR, and large machines can be superimposed into the real world.
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Industrie 4.0 für Unternehmen

Internet of Things – IoT solutions in practice

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the core elements of Industry 4.0. IoT technologies allow internal and external company systems to integrate and automate entire processes. Together with its customers, CAD Schroer develops detailed IoT concepts to optimize the design, operation and maintenance of machines and systems.
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