Free Licenses for Educational and Research Establishments

Cooperation with universities and colleges

In order to support tomorrow’s design engineers, CAD Schroer offers free licenses for its M4 PLANT and M4 DRAFTING product ranges to schools, universities, technical colleges and publicly funded research establishments. We also offer optional support and training services, carried out by one of CAD Schroer’s regional offices, or one of our partner firms.

Plant and Factory Design Software – Educational Program: M4 PLANT

M4 PLANT is a professional 3D plant engineering and factory planning software that is becoming increasingly popular with educational and research institutions. The software offers modules for piping design, 2D/3D layout and building planning, steel construction, air-conditioning technology, cable route planning, conveyor technology, process engineering or visualisation. Contact us and we will provide you with a free student version of M4 PLANT.

3D Plant Design

Apply for educational and research licenses free of charge

Mechanical 2D/3D CAD Software – Educational Program: M4 DRAFTING

The easiest way to use M4 DRAFTING in an educational or research institution is to use M4 PERSONAL, a free package of the CAD software. M4 PERSONAL can be downloaded free of charge and installed directly. If the CAD data is to be used to control CNC machines, the corresponding files can also be converted to DXF or PDF in the eSERVICES portal. We also offer students and educational institutions the opportunity to obtain DXF or PDF conversions free of charge.

Commercial use of educational and research licences

Many research institutions and universities are also working on commercial projects. As the free licences cannot be used for these projects, CAD Schroer is offering a permanent discount of 35% on the licence costs in addition to the current initiative. This discount is for educational and research institutions that want to use M4 PLANT or M4 DRAFTING for commercial projects. In addition to the software licence, the institutions also receive access to full software maintenance including the entire service package.

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