CAD Schroer has a long-standing tradition of social commitment. Our international projects are primarily intended to help children and young people in critical situations. At CAD Schroer, it is second nature to us to support social projects and to help those in need. However, issues such as integration, social disadvantage and natural disasters are ever present. As an international software company, CAD Schroer has supported selected projects for many years through both domestic and international aid organizations.

Charity Immersatt e.V. says Thank You (German: Danke) for the donation

CAD Schroer Cycling Fundraiser History

With our cycling project, we have achieved a donation of 2,170 euros this year. The complete donation goes this year into a bicycle-related donation campaign of World Bicycle Relief. The focus of this action is on education for children and young people from remote areas in Africa to enable them to attend school. They are equipped with bicycles to help them on their daily way to school.

During CAD Schroer’s 6th annual bike campaign, employees left their cars at home for 7 months and took their bikes to work. The results are impressive. This year, the company-wide cycling campaign reached its goal with a donation of 3299 euros. This will be divided between the following four aid projects: Menschen für Menschen, Immersatt in Duisburg, I.S.A.R. Germany and Der Bunte Tisch Moers.

The CAD Schroer Donation Cycling takes place for the fifth time this year and has established itself over the years. The donation bike race under the patronage of Christoph Fleischhauer, Mayor of Moers, ended on August 14, 2015 and CAD Schroer supported the refugee aid organization Der Bunte Tisch Moers e.V. with over 5,000 euros this summer.

In 2014 CAD Schroer was able to do good again with its summer campaign Bicycle instead of Car. In addition, the employees contributed a great deal to the donation with pre-Christmas baking campaigns. The cycled and baked donation was divided proportionally between the following aid projects: I.S.A.R. Germany, Doctors Without Borders, Der Bunte Tisch Moers.


2013 was all about sustainability: CAD Schroer employees cycled to work every day for 6 months. Their incentive: A donation for every kilometre cycled and to reduce CO2 emissions. 1 month was baked again in the pre-Christmas time and donations were collected for it. Thus, the cycled and baked donation could be divided among the following aid projects: ISAR, Doctors Without Borders, Action medeor, Oxfam.


Together, CAD Schroer employees cycled exactly 4706.4 km. For every kilometre, 50 cents went to a foundation that supports children and education. All employees were asked to propose a charity. The final recipient of the donation was voted on as follows: Immersatt in Duisburg (with our donation we were able to secure 3,557 healthy school breakfasts for needy Duisburg school children), Education for Indonesia, Second Chance for child labourers and Restavèks in Haiti.


In 2011 CAD Schroer celebrated its 25th anniversary. On this occasion the CAD Schroer donation bike was born. The employees cycled to work on 25 working days. CAD Schroer supports the primary school education of children in Ethiopia with every kilometre driven. Thanks to the joint commitment of CAD Schroer employees, the primary school education of 157 children was made possible.