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Create Intelligent P&IDs

M4 P&ID FX is a standalone P&ID system for process engineers, allowing you to create intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). Customisable symbol libraries make it quick and easy to design entire process systems using intelligent lines and symbols, which include important process information for downstream use, stored in attributes.

Advantages for your P&IDs

The M4 P&ID FX professional P&ID software provides an integrated consistency checker for design quality assurance, and provides a detailed overview of the components used, as well as their attributes. Potential mistakes or inconsistencies within the diagram are flagged up in a separate report, as well as highlighted on the diagram itself. M4 P&ID FX provides symbol catalogues for the EN ISO, ANSI and ISA standards, which can be extended with additional symbols, or even with entire symbol catalogues. Individual component attributes can be edited directly in the P&ID software as required.

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Video tutorials, expert online technical support and tailored training courses enable a rapid start.

Intelligent design

Intelligent P&ID symbols with customizable attributes allow you to easily create your P&ID and automatically generate parts lists.

Quality is everything

Integrated quality assurance enables you to quickly achieve high design quality and maintain it over the long term.

We support you

Our team supports you as a partner and offers you comprehensive technical support for your daily questions.

Our products are used worldwide with over 250,000 licenses sold

„The comprehensive P&ID functionality, intelligent symbol libraries, and the high degree of flexibility provided by M4 P&ID FX played an important role in our decision to acquire the software, but we particularly rate the value for money the software represents, and the support provided by CAD Schroer during the evaluation and implementation phase.“

Markus Zumbrunn, ARA Meiringen

Modules & functions for all your challenges

M4 P&ID FX is a user-friendly software system which offers easy to use tool trays, a context-sensitive dashboard, and context-sensitive pop-up menus for intuitive design. M4 P&ID FX includes dynamic P&ID tools as well as comprehensive 2D drafting tools, allowing users to quickly create, edit and annotate P&IDs.

P&ID Symbol Catalogues




Working Sets


Multi-Sheet Connections


Parts Lists


Symbol Groups


P&ID Legends


2D Drafting Functionality


DWG / DXF Interface

Further Capabilities of the M4 P&ID FX Software

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FAQ: Your frequently asked questions and our answers

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