Support Tools

Support Tools

Tools for optimal support of your software products

With these helpful tools, we can support you even better. The tools are available for maintenance customers to download from the customer portal.

Identify the correct HostID: CSG-HostID

With this tool you can determine your computer’s Host Name and Host ID simply by executing the EXE file. We need this information to create licence keyfiles for your computers.

To determine the Host Name and Host ID needed to create a licence, download CSG-Hostid.exe and start it. Depending on your browser, security messages may appear that prevent a direct download. If this happens, approve the download or start the download with an alternative browser.

Once you have determined your computer’s host Name and the Host ID, you can send the Host Name and Host ID to us using Copy & Paste.


Please note that the determination of the Host ID depends on the current computer configuration (e.g. with/without docking station, WLAN/LAN/Bluetooth active, home or company network, or no network, etc.). The Host ID should therefore always be determined in the configuration in which the computer will later be operated.


The Csg-Hostid.Exe tool we provide is secure, and only outputs the information of the Host Name and the Host ID in a window.

TeamViewer Client

Our support team uses the TeamViewer Client to quickly support you via the Internet. Download this client and run it. Then send the session ID and password to our support team.

Note: In order for our support team to be able to support you in this way, we need your prior written consent.

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