Factory Layout and Modelling Services

The Quick Way for Owner/Operators to Kick off Factory Projects and Avoid Expensive Mistakes On-site

Along with our M4 PLANT software, CAD Schroer offers factory layout and modelling services to get you off the ground quickly, so you can focus on your project, rather than on the initial computer aided design process.

We can model all or parts of your factory based on any designs you supply – whether paper drawings, or 2D CAD files, perhaps with some 3D machinery models from suppliers.

We report and resolve inconsistencies we find along the way.

Where no up-to-date drawings exist, we can even arrange laser scanning of your factory, gaining the data we need to create a 2D layout and 3D model.

Technical drawing is the universal language
Traditional factory design must reinvent itself

Everything You Need to Communicate and Plan Factory Adaptations

We deliver your factory model and the software you need to edit and visualise your data, and to plan and cost your changes.

You can initiate conceptual designs in 2D, then progress with detailed design in 3D, working interactively in either the 2D layout or 3D spatial design environment, with auto-update between the two.

Integrated consistency checking, clash detection and interference checking help to avoid mistakes that cost dearly during construction, and may even lead to unnecessary plant shut-downs.

The M4 PLANT software is flexible, modular and customisable; it can integrate with existing CAD/PLM/ERP/EDM systems and data, and can be configured to deal with niche requirements. 3D walk-through tools visualise your plans for the Board.

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