3D/2D viewer for CAD models and drawings - M4 REVIEW

3D-Viewer for plant and factory planning

M4 REVIEW is an independent 3D viewer for interactive viewing of extensive 3D models. Complete plant or factory models can be saved in M4 PLANT in the very compact HSF format, so that they can be forwarded to the customer, for example by e-mail for daily design review. In addition, M4 REVIEW supports the ISO 15926 XML format, which allows extensive planning data from other systems to be viewed.
Fabrikplanung: 3D-Visualisierung

3D viewer for 3D models and point clouds

M4 REVIEW supports the 3D formats HSF, HMF, MOD, STL, VRML, DGN, OOC point clouds and the ISO 15926 XML format. This means that 3D models created in M4 DRAFTING (MOD) or in other CAD systems can also be viewed with the viewer. With the support of the OOC format, the Viewer even allows the viewing of extensive laser scan data in the form of point clouds.

2D-Viewer for M4 CAD drawings

With M4 REVIEW, 2D drawings can also be opened and viewed in the M4 SHE format. With the included zoom functions, the CAD drawings can then be viewed in detail. If company-specific styles were used for the drawing, the corresponding M4 project can also be used to display the drawings in the same style. In addition, the viewer offers a measurement function and the possibility to select the visible layers using layer sets.

Functional range of M4 REVIEW

The free version of the 3D viewer contains the basic functionality for visualising a 3D plant or factory model or a laser scan point cloud. The extended version of the 3D viewer also includes functions for viewing a model’s structure and attributes. Moreover, the extended-feature viewer is able to insert and save dimensions and comments in the 3D model. The 3D viewer can also be used to perform realistic walkthroughs of a plant or factory.

M4 REVIEW Functional range

M4 REVIEW - Free
M4 REVIEW - Full Version
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