Virtual collaboration for project teams

Virtual Reality (VR) applications for location-independent collaboration

VR collaboration solutions for industry

As a VR specialist, CAD Schroer offers companies the opportunity to take their 3D CAD data into virtual reality (VR). Models of machines, plant or factories can then be loaded into virtual meeting rooms where participants from all over the world can review the design together. This enables them to work collaboratively on projects using exactly the same data. For example, engineers, designers and site managers can jointly conduct an inspection of a factory or plant, or inspect a new production line before the first machine has even been built. The sharing of knowledge and expertise within projects is promoted by the use of VR-based collaboration, and information is more quickly accessible by all.

VR solutions for presentation, design and training

A virtual meeting room can be accessed from any location using a PC, tablet or smartphone. By using avatars, participants can “see” each other in the room. Presenters have additional capabilities. They can, for example, gather participants to a specific location in the room to explain detailed aspects of the design. Individual components can be highlighted to draw the participants’ attention to them. Participants are seamlessly networked within the virtual meeting room from any location. This increases productivity and collaboration between both colleagues and customers alike.

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