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About ISO 15926

The ISO 15926 standard, entitled “Industrial automation systems and integration—Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities” addresses the need for process plant designers (among others) to integrate, share and exchange data across different computers and software systems. Many industry groups and developers are involved in delivering the tools necessary for software vendors to offer their clients a means to transfer their complex data to a format readable by other systems.

M4 Plant Design Data Export and Post Processing

In order to meet this data exchange requirement, a neutral XML file can be exported from M4 PLANT, containing a fully described plant model and structured in the ISO 15926 proscribed hierarchy, with typical attributes attached to the geometry. The data can then be post processed into many other systems at two levels: as a series of equipment models; or as equipment models and catalog instances. This ISO 15926 transfer is available as a service from CAD Schroer.

The ISO 15926 Transfer Service

There are a number of software and structural prerequisites for extracting XML from M4 PLANT. The target system requires a data verification and clean-up process to ensure that the information transferred from our customers’ M4 PLANT catalogs and models is as accurate and useful as possible. Any components that are too complex for the receiving system must be simplified, and limits as to the number of vertices, faces and objects must be adhered to. Our consultants use two licensed toolsets for this process.

Meeting Your Unique Requirements

The M4 PLANT customers who typically use this service tend to be Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the world’s largest oil, gas, power and utility companies. We work with customers to ensure that the data transferred meets their exact requirements and those of their clients, partners or suppliers. We can determine the component detail level required, and test the results in different systems.

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