Top support for your software package

To ensure that your software always remains productive and adapts to the latest technology, we offer software maintenance as an integral part of many of our software packages. You can find the exact details in the respective package description.

Our software maintenance offers you an optimal and reliable way to always be productive and master your daily challenges with the help pf our support team. Here you will find our services that are included in software maintenance.


We offer comprehensive support to help you select the right software solution for your specific requirements. Our experts help you make the best decisions to ensure that the software optimally integrates into your work processes. This helps you save time and resources and make your projects more efficient.

Expert hotline

Our support team is available to answer your questions and concerns quickly and expertly. You get direct access to experienced professionals who can help you with technical problems and other requirements. This ensures a smooth workflow and minimises downtime. Our telephone hotline is available to maintenance customers of our software products M4 PLANT, M4 DRAFTING, M4 P&ID FX on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Online support

Our online support is another way to get in touch with our support team. It offers you convenient access and a quick way to obain support for questions about our software. Here you can exchange information with our support team in even more detail directly via our online platform. You receive a status overview and clear documentation for each call opened. This increases efficiency and allows you to use the software effectively.

Our support includes

Customer portal – exclusively for our maintenance customers

Our customer portal provides a central place to access important information related to our products and services. Maintenance customers can download the latest software releases and updates, and request new licence keyfiles. Maintenance customers can also submit support requests online and track the subsequent progress of the status of their requests.

Updates & patches

Our software is continuously improved to take into account customer requirements and technical developments. As a customer, you will receive access to software updates and patches to ensure that your software is up to date. This ensures that you always benefit from the latest features.

Continuous improvement

No matter how great the software, it must constantly adapt to the changing times. Our aim is to continuously develop our software for you. New versions of software include general improvements to the software itself, adaptations to current system requirements and a general increase in performance. Of course, we also take your feedback into account when we implement new functionality, optimisations and other enhancements for future updates. In this way, you benefit from constantly evolving software that always adapts to general and, in particular, your current requirements.

Video tutorials

Video tutorials are an extremely effective way of imparting knowledge and promoting an understanding of the software‘s functionality and workflows. You can follow step-by-step instructions to quickly get an overview of the functionality of the software. This facilitates a simple and quick introduction to the software and accelerates your learning process.


Well-structured documentation is a valuable resource for the efficient and competent use of software. Our comprehensive documentation contains detailed instructions and technical information about the software. You can get a clear insight into the functionality at any time and discover lesser-known features of the software. This enables you to quickly familiarise yourself with the software and its configuration options.
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