i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG - Augmented Reality (AR) for your product catalogs

Show impressive 3D models of your products directly above the images in your catalogs, data sheets or brochures.

Bring your marketing materials to life

Augmented Reality (AR) offers your company new possibilities to bring data sheets, brochures or catalogs to life. With the help of AR, your marketing documents can not only contain simple photos or images, but also three-dimensional models that are displayed above the images to match the content.

i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG offers you an easy entry into the world of Augmented Reality. Each model is linked to an image in your marketing materials. Now anyone looking at your catalog can also view models of your products and appreciate their features and benefits like never before.

i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG Advantages summarized

Highlight benefits
  • Highlight the benefits of your products with detailed 3D models.
  • Present exploded models and animations.
Impress customers
  • Present products to customers in augmented reality
  • Use at events and trade fairs
  • Trigger a sense of innovation with augmented reality
Increase sales opportunities
  • Increase enthusiasm for your products
  • Support sales and marking communications
Get started immediately
  • Use your existing CAD models
  • Use our model simplification service
  • Intuitive operation
  • High performance
  • Supports common hardware

Marketing digitalization by i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG

Digitalisation is progressing steadily and the Industry 4.0 initiative is showing businesses the way ahead. Using augmented reality to market and distribute your products is one of the innovative steps that will drive your business forward. i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG offers you the easiest way to take this step.
Augmented Reality in Print- und Außenwerbung

Experience products with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables you to display your products digitally in the real world.

This is how AR catalogs work

Using an AR catalog is very simple. A QR code is placed in your catalog or data sheet together with a note mentioning the AR experience. When the user scans the QR code with their mobile device, a website is presented where the i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG App can be downloaded. With this free AR app, the user then scans the same QR code on your data sheet to access the AR experience. The App recognises product images in your catalog or data sheet and automatically displays the corresponding models above them.

Features for all your requirements

Your own AR catalogs
Available everywhere
Offline viewing mode
Service & support
Easy to use
Show models in AR
Specify model size
Rotate & scale

Or contact our consultants:
+44 1223 850942

Supported devices

Adroid and iOS Smartphones or Tablets
To view an AR catalog, you need the i4 AUGMENTED CATALOG App. You can download it directly from your App-Store. This allows common smartphones or tablets to access your AR catalog. Make sure that the device you are using supports the AR functionality first. You can also check this directly with your provider. Overview of supported platforms:


Cloud hosting for AR catalogs

With our cloud service we take over the hosting of your AR catalogs. This enables us to ensure that your AR catalog content can be accessed around the clock and around the world with a high level of performance.

In addition, our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your AR catalog. And of course we are happy to support you in the creation of your 3D catalog content if required.

Launch your AR catalog now

Contact us to get advice

Simply contact us and we will advise you on the advantages and possible uses of AR catalogs. We will be happy to discuss individual packages and prepare a no-obligation quotation for you.

CAD models or modelling service

For your AR catalog you can either provide us with optimized models in FBX or OBJ format, or you can provide us with your original CAD models, which we will then process further to ensure they can be used with high performance in your AR catalog. If required, we can also create individual models for you.

Use your AR catalog

We then link your models to the corresponding images in your product catalog and provide you with a suitable QR code, which you can conveniently affix to, or include in your product catalog and marketing documents. Your customers then scan the QR code once, download the App and then view the 3D models in AR in conjunction with your product catalog.

Start now with your first AR catalog

Contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need on AR catalogs. We will also be happy to make you an individual quotation for your first AR catalog.

i4 Augmented Catalog Brochure

Augmented Reality App for your product catalogs

Contact us and create your AR catalog

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