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Create the isometry of a pipe
Piping isometric drawing – Overview, tips and downloads
The piping isometric drawing is an important part of plant engineering. They are used for the documentation and production of complex pipework.
Trade fair stand idea XR AR VR
Exhibition stand ideas: Reinventing the trade fair experience with XR
Exhibition stand ideas: Reinventing the trade fair experience with XR Request information Innovative ideas bring more visitors to your exhibition stand and XR has everything you need to revolutionise...
Materials handling technology Complete overview and tips for technical challenges
Conveyor systems: Complete overview and tips to overcome the technical challenges
Professional design of conveyor systems using modern CAD software is essential for the success of a comprehensive logistics solution.
Plant design overview
Plant design at a glance – individual sectors and trades explained in detail
How to successfully design process plant in a comprehensive way despite the multiple design disciplines
MPDS4 starter package: Factory modelling, implementation, and training
Factory Layout: A starter package allows projects to be quickly implemented
Factory layout projects benefit from low start-up costs and rapid implementation. Benefit from the starter package for factory projects.
Innovative technologies for sales
Thanks to new technologies, companies have many possibilities to present their products to prospective customers in an innovative way.
Metaverse concept
The Metaverse: Overview, use cases and tips
With regard to virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), the concept of the metaverse can be applied to both the virtual and the real world.
Technical drawing is the universal language
Technical drawing: basics, overview, and a recommendation
Technical drawings can be thought of as being the universal language of engineers and are a key part of technical communication.
Revolutionise your P&ID designs with the help of a modern software package
Specialised software tools now exist for P&ID work. They do not only enable the creation of P&IDs, they also offer functions to accelerate the project flow.
Virtual meetings are the future of online meetings
Meeting other people in virtual reality (VR) is no longer a science fiction experience only seen on cinema screens. i4 MEETING already makes it easy to enter the world of virtual meetings.
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