Conveyor systems designed quickly

Better and faster design of complex conveyor lines

The design of commercial conveyor systems is often subject to tight proposal deadlines. So it is essential that the design process is quick and easy, especially in the field of materials handling. Many suppliers are unable to use 3D at the quotation stage because their existing CAD tools either cannot handle the large amount of 3D data involved, or they do not perform quickly enough to meet project deadlines. As a result their layout drawings often suffer from a compromise of time versus quality.

Faster design with higher quality

With CAD Schroer’s design solutions you don’t have to compromise thanks to our integrated 2D/3D environment. Conveyors are accurately positioned in the usual way in 2D. Catalogue-driven tools ensure the layout process is quick and easy. Then, at the push of a button, your design can be visualised and reviewed in 3D, providing you with all the associated benefits of 3D design.

Taking advantage of 3D design

CAD Schroer’s solutions automatically convert 2D conveyor layouts into 3D models, which can then be further optimised using 3D collision detection. Any number of additional drawings can then be automatically generated from the 3D model, ready for dimensioning and annotation. The user can also conduct virtual tours in 3D and export videos for their customers. A presentation of the complete design in augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) is possible using additional tools.

Detailed evaluation and calculation

All design data can be evaluated in detail using CAD Schroer’s design solutions. These provide a comprehensive parts list of all conveyors and other machinery used in the design. If non-standard conveyors have been specified, they appear separately in the parts lists together with their custom parameters, thus providing the basis for an accurate evaluation and calculation of project costs.
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