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Virtual reality applications for industry

As a VR specialist, CAD Schroer offers its customers the possibility to take their machinery, plant and factory CAD data into virtual reality (VR). This is achieved using standard apps, which are then enhanced and optimised to suit the customer’s specific requirements. This procedure greatly simplifies the creation of individual apps. The resulting apps can then be used on tablets and smartphones, or on a PC using VR glasses. Cloud technologies can also be incorporated to enable extensive collaboration between the various user groups.
VR Apps und Software
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Tailor-made VR solutions

CAD Schroer’s developers pay close attention to individual customer requirements and develop VR solutions that precisely meet their needs. They aim to offer the highest level of user-friendliness and a memorable VR experience. Animations can be incorporated to further illustrate the operation of machines and systems and also to simulate their motion sequences. Virtual Reality apps make it possible to fully inspect an entire plant and experience the production machinery in action.

VR meetings for project workshops and customer presentations

With its Virtual Project Collaboration (VPC) project, CAD Schroer is developing a family of applications and services that provide virtual meeting rooms for globally distributed design teams. CAD models of individual products, machines, factories, and even entire large-scale plants, can be imported into a meeting room. Then, using PCs, VR glasses, smartphones or tablets, individual participants can enter the meeting room from any location to collaboratively review the design. At the same time, by using avatars, participants can “see” and identify each other in the room.

Possible VR solutions and applications

CAD models in VR

Your CAD models of products or machines can be displayed in a virtual room. Dive virtually into your CAD models. Look inside your own machine, disassemble and manipulate it.

Factory / Plant in VR

Virtual Reality is very well suited for the presentation of your 3D design data. Whether it be a new production line or a plant, with VR, you can experience your 3D design data live and present it to your customers.

Virtual conference rooms

Cloud applications allow multiple users from different user groups to meet in a three-dimensional virtual conference room to view and discuss their designs.

BIM designs in VR

Your BIM building design can be loaded into Virtual Reality in the form of IFC data. At the same time, additional design data from your partners can be imported and checked.

Workshops & Trainings in VR

In Virtual Reality, you can present the 3D design of your machines in workshops and thus receive important feedback. At the same time, you can familiarize your employees with the handling of the new products.

Integrate VR into websites

The latest VR technologies allow you to place VR scenes on your website. Visitors can then view 3D models directly in their browser or simply immerse themselves in VR with the help of a smartphone and a Cardboard. But the scenes can also be viewed without VR glasses.

Devices and Platforms


VR applications can be created for any standard PC, ensuring widespread availability for users.


When used on a tablet, VR applications are ideal for presentation or training purposes.


VR applications can be run on all common smartphones, e.g. to view a model or virtually walk-through through a site installation.

VR Glasses for PC

PC applications can also be adapted for use with VR glasses, thereby enabling the use of VR glasses directly at the user’s workstation.

VR Glasses for Smartphones

VR glasses that house a smartphone offer a flexible and inexpensive way to fully immerse oneself in the world of VR.

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