Put the Business of Designing a Product into the Hands of your Customers

  • Do you sell custom components, vehicles, or complete configurable installations?
  • Do you need a Web-based solution that lets your customers or resellers choose, arrange or configure the items they need?

The easier it is for your customers to visualise, select, arrange and configure the items you sell, the easier it is to make the sale, and to gain the data necessary to quickly fulfil orders – while cutting your own design time. Many of our customers manufacture bespoke products which are configured to meet specific customer requirements, from fire trucks to pumps. They start off with a baseline drawing or model, which is modified to client specification. This may be done at distributed locations or by resellers throughout the world. The finished design is then sent to the production site.

CAD Schroer Can Completely Automate the Product Configuration Process

We can develop a Web-based configuration wizard, which your clients can use from anywhere in the world. After receiving answers to a series of questions, the system can automatically produce a finished, fully dimensioned drawing, model and/or parts list for production.

We can help you develop an affordable, bespoke solution, deploying existing CAD technologies. Our highly technical background includes the development of large-scale Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, graphical data representation and analysis software, and Web-based applications. Many of our developers have a mechanical engineering background, and we understand the manufacturing sector.

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