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Our customer services are additional services that can be booked alongside our software maintenance. While software maintenance ensures the operation of the software and is already included in some of our software packages, customer services offer you the option to further optimise your software usage and better manage daily challenges.

Customer Organised Services (COS) – optimally adapting your software to meet your requirements

CAD Schroer’s Customer Organised Services (COS) complements your software maintenance with customised solutions for your individual requirements. Though our separately purchased COS, we support you with customised installations, upgrades of your system and offer a wide range of services including system configuration, system maintenance, automation, data conversion, template and design aid creation as well as printer and plotter configuration.
By purchasing our software, you also benefit from a reduced daily rate for several days of COS. You can book this service with us as needed throughout the year. We will then take care of your requirements either online or directly on site. Use COS to increase your efficiency and obtain customised solutions for your software needs. Contact us now and let’s master your challenges together!

These services can be accessed with the COS offer:

Installation support

Our installation support service ensures a smooth implementation of the software. Our experts help you install, configure and set up the software to ensure that everything works optimally from day one.

System care

With our system care service, we keep your software installation up to date. This can include regular checks, maintenance work and optimisations to ensure the performance, stability and security of your system. In addition, we can install the latest software updates for you to ensure that you always benefit from the latest functionality.

Data conversion

Our data conversion service help you migrate existing data to current formats. We take care that your data is transferred completely and correctly to minimise downtime. This means your data remains usable and resources are used more efficiently.

Creation of templates

We support you in creating customised templates that meet your specific requirements and corporate identity (CI). This promotes standardised communication and saves time when designing. Customisable templates make it easier for you to implement your CI right from the start and ensure professional, consistent and efficient document creation.

Contact us today, we will advise you and create a COS offer customised to your requirements.

Creation of design aids

Design aids provide users with valuable support for technical and complex tasks. They facilitate the efficient design and implementation of projects and provide accurate measurements, templates, guides and calculations. We are happy to support you in creating your own design aids. In doing so, we focus entirely on your processes and requirements. This ensures your team is optimally prepared for your everyday design tasks. Design aids save the user time, reduce errors and improve the quality of work.

Printer & plotter configuration

Printer and plotter configuration offers users the possibility to optimally configure their printing and plotting devices to their respective requirements. We help you configure your printers and plotters to produce high-quality output. Users can customise, configure and optimise various options to achieve precise and high-quality printouts for their specific needs. This ensures professional documentation for the presentation of your projects.

Software configuration

The individual configuration of your software to suit your company-wide needs. You can personalise user interfaces, settings and functionality, which increases efficiency and user-friendliness. We are happy to configure the software to suit your requirements. We can also optimise individual settings to achieve the best possible performance and efficiency. A customised configuration allows users to seamlessly integrate software into their workflows and optimise their everyday tasks.


Recurring tasks can often be greatly simplified with the help of automations and macros. This reduces your daily workload and gives your team more time for the really important tasks. You also reduce the potential for human error that occurs with manually performed tasks. Automation improves the consistency and accuracy of processes and enables better resource management. Users can focus on more demanding tasks while automation takes over routine work, increasing productivity and improving the quality of work.

Contact us today, we will advise you and create a COS offer customised to your requirements.

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