Industry 4.0 solutions for maintenance

Digitalising plant and machine maintenance

With increasing digitalization and complexity in the operation of production machines and systems, the demands on the maintenance team are also increasing. The better your maintenance personnel are trained, and the higher their overall level of expertise is, the shorter your production downtimes will be. The use of IoT technologies also increases maintenance efficiency. These technologies provide maintenance personnel with relevant real-time information to help prevent production delays. For example, sensors can be used to monitor the status of a machine and initiate timely preventative maintenance work, thereby avoiding production coming to a standstill due to component failure. This prevents unexpected delays and consequential damage.
digitaler Wandel und digitaler Zwilling

Individual maintenance solutions

CAD Schroer develops maintenance solutions for its customers using a variety of new technologies. The individually designed solutions, tailored to meet customer-specific requirements, help maintenance personnel overcome ever-increasing complexity and information overload on a daily basis. Context-sensitive information is displayed so that maintenance tasks can be completed quickly and to a high standard.

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