CAD Schroer Products

Software for plant construction, factory planning, CAD, data management, IoT, AR and VR

CAD Schroer offers standard software and applications for CAD, PLM, PDM, IoT, VR and AR. Our products are divided into the M4 and i4 product ranges. The M4 product line includes CAD, plant engineering and factory design solutions. With our i4 product range we support your industry 4.0 and digitisation projects with standardised AR, VR or IoT software.

MEDUSA4 and MPDS4 united under M4

As of version 7.0, CAD Schroer has merged the MEDUSA4 and MPDS4 products into a single CAD suite. All CAD products from this release onwards will be bundled under the common M4 brand. The product packages will be grouped by industry, and will be given appropriate product names, such as M4 DRAFTING for 2D design in mechanical engineering, or M4 FACTORY for 2D/3D layout in factory planning.

The M4 product range includes 3D and 2D solutions for the design and construction of products, machinery, plants and factories.


3D software for plant engineering and factory design

Plant engineering and factory planning software must be integrable, scalable and modular. M4 PLANT combines these features with innovative and size-independent 3D planning.


3D 2D software for factory planning

M4 FACTORY enables the layout and planning of complete factories including outdoor areas, buildings and production facilities. With the factory planning software, complete layouts can be planned directly in 3D or 2D in no time at all.


3D software for pipeline construction

M4 PIPING is a 3D design solution for pipeline construction. It allows flow diagrams to be created, pipelines to be planned in 3D and exported as pipeline isometrics.


P&ID Software

M4 P&ID is an easy to use P&ID software for creating and editing P&ID schemes. With tools for quality control and bill of materials generation, all data remains consistent and can be evaluated at any time.


Pipeline isometrics software

M4 ISO is an easy-to-use software for the automatic generation of unscaled pipeline isometrics. The software creates piping isometrics from 3D planning data including the corresponding parts lists.


2D 3D CAD software

The 2D 3D CAD software M4 DRAFTING offers a high functional range for professional use and maximum automation for complete design processes.


Free 2D 3D CAD software

M4 PERSONAL is the free 2D 3D CAD package from the M4 product family. You can use the professional functionality of M4 for personal use.


The i4 product range includes Industry 4.0 IoT, AR and VR solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of industrial companies.


Virtual online meetings

Hold your meetings online in a virtual world and participate using a web browser, PC, tablet or VR glasses. Design your own VR world and upload your 3D models (e.g. CAD) to present them.


AR app for your product catalogue

i4 AUGMENTED CATALOGUE offers you the possibility of adding 3D models to your product catalogues or marketing documents, which will then be virtually displayed above your product images with the corresponding app.


AR viewer for CAD models

With the application i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW you can load your CAD models directly into augmented reality using your smartphone or tablet.


VR viewer for CAD models

With i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW CAD models can be loaded, viewed and checked directly in VR. At the same time the software is a powerful marketing and sales tool for your events.

i4 IoT

IoT & Cloud solutions

Our development team will support you in the development and implementation of your company-specific IoT solutions. Only industry-proven solutions are used.

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