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Hold your meetings online in a virtual world and participate using a web browser, PC, tablet or VR glasses. Design your own VR world and upload your 3D models (e.g. CAD) to present them.
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Hold virtual meetings

Host a virtual meeting with i4 MEETING, where participants can attend the meeting using a browser, tablet, PC or even VR glasses. Choose an avatar and a name and join the meeting. You can then move freely around the VR world and see the avatars and names of all participants. When the meeting starts you can talk to other participants as if you were actually there. You can also upload your own 3D models (e.g. CAD) to present them.

Your advantages with i4 MEETING

Virtual Meetings

The innovative technology of i4 MEETING allows you to participate in meetings in a VR world. A range of apps allow you to choose the degree of immersion required.

Own rooms & 3D models

Design your own VR world and upload your own 3D models to an i4 MEETING. Present your CAD models to your customers and other interested parties. You can also create a showroom for your products.

Participate worldwide

Take part in a virtual i4 MEETING from anywhere in the world, just as you would in a video conference, only better! Our cloud-based technologies provide you with a high-performance experience, no matter where you are in the world.


To participate in an i4 MEETING, use your browser, a tablet, a PC client or VR glasses to further enhance the immersive experience. Audio is also transmitted via the internet.

Choose your level of immersion

A range of i4 MEETING apps enables you to choose the degree of immersion. You decide how realistic the virtual meeting should be for you. The highest degree of immersion is achieved using VR glasses, which allow you to experience the virtual meeting very realistically. If you use a browser, PC or tablet you can participate in the meeting in the same way, but the degree of immersion is somewhat lower.

VR-Meeting am PC

High immersion (closeness to reality)

with browser, PC or tablet

VR Meeting mit VR Brille

Very high immersion (closeness to reality)

with virtual reality glasses

The functionality grows with your requirements

i4 MEETING already offers an extensive range of functionality. Of course, you can also request individual enhancements, which we will be happy to implement as a custom project for you. Simply contact us if you would like to learn more about i4 MEETING’s capabilities.

avatar & name
Move freely in virtual space
Browser, PC,
Tablet & VR Clients
Design your own VR worlds
Upload your own 3D models
Present your CAD models
Moderator Console
Meeting administration
Additional functionality on request

Host a meeting or a showroom

Thanks to its high performance, you can use i4 MEETING for internal project meetings, for meetings with your customers, or for planned events. You determine the number of simultaneous users when choosing your package. The range of applications for i4 MEETING is diverse:

  • Meeting in a virtual meeting room
  • Project meeting to discuss a 3D design (e.g. products, machinery, plants, factories, buildings)
  • Product presentation to a prospective customer
  • Customer presentation of a 3D design
  • Internal event for your own employees
  • Virtual product presentation in a virtual showroom
i4 MEETING - Die Platform für VR-Meetings

Due to the flexibility of i4 MEETING, the usage possibilities are also diverse. You decide how many VR worlds you want to simultaneously use, and the number of participants. Through the administration tools, you can then design the rooms very flexibly using your own models. So you can choose whether to use i4 MEETING for simple meetings or as a virtual showroom.

i4 MEETING packages at a glance

The BASIC, PREMIUM and ULTIMATE packages can also be extended with individual add-ons. This means that additional VR worlds, participants and Open VR worlds can be added to each package as required.

39 € / month*

12 months contract period

59 € / month**

3 months contract period

79 € / month*

12 months contract period

119 € / month**

3 months contract period

125 € / month*

12 months contract period

165 € / month**

3 months contract period

* Prices shown are for a period of 12 months. Technical support and maintenance services are included. At the end of the 12-month period, the term is automatically extended for a further year at the applicable list price, unless one party gives written notice of termination at least 60 days before expiry. Prices quoted are for the Eurozone only. Other regions on request.

** Prices shown are for a period of 3 months. Technical support and maintenance services are included. The term is not automatically extended after the 3 months. Prices quoted are for the Eurozone only. Other regions on request.

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