Customer Case Studies - MPDS4 Plant Engineering Software

The MEDUSA4 PLANT DESIGN SYSTEM (MPDS4) is our product of choice in the complex process plant design and layout arena. The software supports the flexibility we need as we address diverse engineering challenges in a multitude of market sectors. We are well known for delivering projects on time, on budget and with minimal disruption. MPDS4 helps our design engineers achieve this objective.

Nigel Barnes, Managing Director, WSP CEL

2D to 3D packaging line design
Graham & Brown
Heat recovery incinerator design
Christ Kennicott (now OVIVO)
Water treatment plant design
Burckhardt Compression
Reciprocating compressor design
ARA Meiringen
Waste water treatment process design
CEL International (now WSP CEL)
Chemical, pharma and food process plant design
Atlas Copco
Generator, compressor and factory design
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