3D Component Design

M4 PLANT – Plant Design and Factory Layout Software

Custom 3D Parametric Catalog Component Design

The 3D Component Designer in M4 PLANT is an add-on module for creating and animating custom parametric 3D catalog components. It provides an easy to use dialog, which allows you to create and animate a simplified but very realistic 3D representation of components, machines or equipment. Equipment models (such as project-specific machinery) are designed in the same way as components. The end user, however, assigns the required dimensions at the time of placing the equipment, rather than choosing from a database table (which is the typical method for selecting in-line catalog components).
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Reusable 3D Components and Animation

All of the 3D components you create can be accessed from the M4 PLANT equipment load dialog, allowing you and your design team to quickly preview, position, and change the parameters of any number of instances in your plant or factory. One of the distinguishing features of the 3D Component Designer in M4 PLANT is the ability to animate your assembled 3D components or equipment. You can associate interactive animations directly with a component, or record a sequence of simulated movements, which can then be replayed during a design presentation.