Comprehensive data management in plant design

M4 PLANT – Plant Design and Factory Layout Software

Full solution for data management and project administration

The efficiency of a plant or factory is decided in the planning phase. This is why it is essential to have the support of a professional data management solution. Today, engineering data and documents are part of the intellectual property and capital of any company. To make the most of these investments, control, sharing and reuse are key to increased quality, effectiveness, success and profitability in all projects. As an advanced data management solution, Project Data Control (PDC) accompanies efficient projects with a consistent information flow of all product-related data, and helps to achieve optimum results. PDC is integrated in M4 PLANT at project management and user level.

Worldwide Plant Project Collaboration

PDC works with your preferred database architecture, and provides access from your design software or via the Web, enabling project collaboration across distributed locations without a significant administrative burden or the complex implementation requirements demanded by many other information management solutions. Data can be made available to other PLM, PDM or ERP systems, as well as to distributed user groups working in different time zones. Companies with multiple design offices gain a controlled way of working on the same project and sharing data across continents.

Project administration with the M4 PLANT project manager

As a project administration tool, the M4 PLANT project manager enables entire project databases in PDC to be managed online for all sites. The simple and extremely effective project manager enables clear structuring, design and documentation of projects from M4 PLANT.