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Generating complete steel structure designs in 3D

The steel structure design software in M4 PLANT is a module that permits fast and simple creation of complete 3D steel structure designs for plants and factories. Numerous tools are available for quickly creating steel girders, sheets, steel rails, stairs and ladders. It is also possible to add such details as stiffeners, haunches or other steel structure components to steel girders. Dynamic editing tools permit rapid modification of the entire 3D steel structure in M4 PLANT.
3D Stahlbau M4 PLANT

Extensive catalogues, parts lists and interfaces

The steel design process using M4 PLANT is based on the supplied steel structure catalogues, which can also be individually expanded. They contain an extensive range of steel structure components and also allow you to create your own components. In addition, detailed parts lists, including such information as length, quantity, weight and coating surface, can be exported either for the entire 3D project or for part of it. It is also possible to export the design in the form of a 3D model, for instance, should you wish to perform a structural calculation.

Comprehensive Steel Profiles

M4 PLANT includes catalogs of steel sections for many worldwide steel standards, including round and rectangular hollow sections, taper flanged beams, universal beams, universal columns, and C-channel profiles, to name but a few.

Steel Plates

M4 PLANT makes it easy to add freely definable steel plates to your steel structures.  Users can choose pre-defined plate profiles of different thicknesses from the catalog provided, define the required size, and place them in the desired location. Holes for pipes or ladders can then be added easily.

Stairs and Ladders

Your steel designs can be augmented by a variety of stairs and ladders available from the standard catalog, with easily adjustable size and angle. The M4 PLANT  consistency checking tool then ensures that any stairs and ladders that have been added comply with maximum and minimum angles, step height, step size etc.


M4 PLANT also includes a tool for quickly creating steel handrails. The catalog supplied with the software includes a wide variety of commonly used handrails. 

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