Virtual Reality Viewer for 3D CAD models

The Engineering world is evolving. CAD models of products, machines and even entire plants can now be used for applications that go far beyond design. The introduction of Virtual Reality (or VR for short) brings many new possibilities and advantages for product design, production, sales and marketing.

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW software enables designers and engineers to immersively view CAD models in Virtual Reality from the first-person perspective. For sales and marketing, M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW offers considerable advantages when presenting products at customer meetings, events and trade shows. Even the largerst machines and systems can now be presented anywhere, and visualised at their actual size.

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW – your entry into industry 4.0

Digitalisation is constantly progressing and the Industry 4.0 initiative is a significant step in this direction. The use of virtual reality for design, sales and marketing is one of the innovative steps that many companies are looking to take. M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW offers you the easiest way to take this step .


Early detection of design faults with M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW

The design and construction of factories and the machinery they contain, requires ever higher accuracy. However, certain problems are often only noticed during assembly or operation. This is because they only become apparent when the machinery is positioned in its intended location. M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW helps to detect faults at an early stage by allowing designers, fitters and service engineers to check 3D CAD designs in virtual reality prior to construction.

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW enables customers to immerse themselves in VR

Sales teams are always looking for impressive new ways to demonstrate products live. Product marketing also benefits from being able to clearly explain complex machines and systems. This is precisely what M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW offers. Your machines and systems can now be demonstrated live in virtual reality. With M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW, multiple complex machines and large systems can be simultaneously viewed together.



  • Reduce costs through early detection of design faults
    • Evaluate new concepts and ideas
    • Inspect entire systems before a single part has been manufactured
    • Check the space required for servicing
    • Enable inspection by customers
  • Impressive product presentations
    • Present products to customers in virtual reality (VR)
    • Use at events and trade shows
    • Inspire a sense of innovation through virtual reality (VR)
  • Easy to set up and use
    • Intuitive operation supported by integrated tutorials
    • High performance allows multiple models to be viewed together
    • Supports common hardware

Supported VR glasses

Microsoft® Mixed Reality
The latest generation of MR glasses offer the easiest entry into virtual reality. These affordable glasses are readily available, easy to use, and can also be used with a laptop.
Manufacturers: HP®, Acer®, ASUS®, Dell®, Lenovo®, Samsung®, MEDION®

Oculus Rift® and HTC Vive®
On request.

Supported Formats

  • OBJ
  • FBX – 3D file format supported by 3D modeling systems
  • Further formats will follow

New STEP to FBX converter with model simplification

CAD Schroer now offers a STEP to FBX converter for models in STEP file format. This includes the option of simplifying STEP models before automatically converting them to FBX format.

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