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The plant design system M4 PLANT is a database-driven suite of powerful, multi-user plant engineering applications, providing the complete solution for every plant design or factory layout challenge. The system allows plant designers to plan and design complete process lines, plants or factories regardless of size.

Database-based 3D projects

An M4 PLANT 3D project, in which a plant or a company need to be planned, is managed in a database that is created by the software itself. The 3D representation is based on a database in which M4 PLANT retrieves the data of position, the type of components and the associated information and parameters from the project database in real time. Thus, plants and companies of any size can be planned and visualised in M4 PLANT . The database-supported approach also allows working in project teams with associated rights management and prevents conflicts due to simultaneous editing of a file by different users. User and rights management can be used for large projects. In addition, the database allows extremely flexible data evaluation, version management and extensive collaboration scenarios. The database structure also ensures a continuous backup of the latest planning data.

3D projects of any size

Thanks to the database structure of M4 PLANT, plants and companies of any size can be directly planned and visualised in 3D in an individual project. The system provides versatile view and navigation tools to manage work quickly even in very large 3D planning environments. Either all or only the relevant areas of a plan and/or individual maintenance groups are shown and represented in different detail levels. Whether the plant size is 10 kilometres, 100 metres or 10 metres, it does not play any role in the performance in MDPS4.

Metric or imperial

M4 PLANT allows users to switch between metric or imperial measuring units. Metric sets the measuring units to the metric measuring system (mm) and imperial sets the measuring units to the English measuring system (inch). The corresponding measuring system is then used in the entire 3D project.

Project-specific or global catalogues

M4 PLANT uses catalogues to create pipelines, steel frames, air conditioning systems, cable ducts or conveyor systems in order to include suitable components of most varied types and sizes in the 3D plan. When creating a project, the administrator decides whether to use a global or a local catalogue for planning.
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