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Fast and simple piping design

The add-on for 3D piping in M4 PLANT supports the fast and simple design of complex 3D piping systems in plants, factories and large-scale modules. The 3D piping design add-on provides an extensive range of tools for performing manual or automatic loading of pipe components, as well as their positioning and substitution. An integrated autorouting function is also available for rapid pipe positioning. Fine operations, such as adding a gradient to individual lines or inserting screws and nuts, are available for adding detail to piping designs in M4 PLANT.
Refrigeration plant planned with M4 PLANT
P&ID’s, 3D pipework design, and piping isometrics in one package
P&ID’s, 3D pipework design, and piping isometrics in one package

Extensive catalogues and comprehensive quality control

In M4 PLANT, 3D piping is designed on the basis of project-specific pipeline classes. The program contains extensive libraries of catalogue components, which aids the consistent and error-free design of complete piping systems. Automatic consistency and collision testing increases the overall design quality of the piping design. The project’s cost effectiveness can be checked at any time by means of reports and parts lists that are automatically generated by the program.

P&ID integration, piping isometrics and interfaces

As an end-to-end solution, M4 PLANT supports P&ID-based design. This means that P&ID diagrams can be used as the basis of subsequent 3D installation designs. For creating isometric pipe diagrams, M4 PLANT has an integrated interface to M4 ISO, an easy to use program that automatically generates non-scale isometric pipe drawings. Moreover, the ROHR2™ interface enables the static and dynamic analysis of complex pipeline systems. Additional 3D/2D interfaces further simplify the exchange of data with suppliers and customers.
Creating isometric pipe diagrams
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