Video Tutorials – MPDS4

Tutorial 1: MPDS4 Project Manager

Access & Login, Overview of the User Interface, Create a New Database, Archive & Restore a Database, Database Properties & Content, Open a Database

Tutorial 3: MPDS4 Utilities

Creating Drawings, Working with Zones, Loading External Model Data, Interference Checker, Creating Parts Lists

Tutorial 5: Steel Design

The Route and Steel Fundamentals, Steel Catalog Content, Steel Member Properties, Manipulating Members, Creating Joints, Plates & Stiffenersm, Creating Stairs and Railings

Tutorial 2: Introduction to MPDS4

User Interface Overview, Structure & Hierarchies, Viewing your Design, Loading Equipment, Selecting Instances & the Dashboard, Manipulating Instances

Tutorial 4: Piping Design

Routing Pipes Manually, Pipe Catalog Components, Routing Pipes Using Auto Route, Auto-Loading Components, Editing Pipes & Components, Configuring Fastener

Tutorial 6: Factory Layout

Factory Layout Fundamentals, Importing & Converting 2D Data, Modelling 2D Data, Adding Walls, Doors and Windows, Loading Mechanical Equipment, Auto-loading Mechanical Equipment, Configuring Equipment

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