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35% off 3D Plant Engineering with M4 PLANT *

In the current economic climate, engineering start-ups face big hurdles. While the right software tools are essential, bank loans are hard to obtain, and small firms often do not have the bargaining power that leads to big software discounts.

This special offer is aimed at company founders and start-up companies who are looking for an entry into 3D design in the field of plant engineering, piping design or factory layout. The offer provides the opportunity to use the M4 PLANT professional engineering software at a specially discounted price. The discount applies to the annual software price and the associated maintenance service.

P&ID’s, 3D pipework design, and piping isometrics in one package

About M4 PLANT

The M4 PLANT design system is a database-driven suite of powerful, multi-user plant engineering applications, providing the complete solution for every plant design or factory layout challenge. The system allows plant designers, turnkey installation providers, Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies (EPCs) and Owner/Operators to plan and design complete process lines, plants or factories regardless of size. Its open architecture means the software is easily integrated into existing system infrastructures for data continuity and consistency across PDM and ERP boundaries. New Companies benefit from integrated rules-based pre-sales design, 3D walkthrough visualisations, intelligent detailed large-scale 3D design and the automatic generation of drawings and reports for downstream applications.

What does it involve?

The Start-up Discount will apply to your chosen M4 PLANT software package and breaks down as follows:

Discount on software licence incl. maintenance for
1. year of use 35%
2. years of use 25%

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* List price applies to any subsequent rentals. Time limited offer subject to our General Terms & Conditions.

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