M4 DRAFTING Customer Case Studies

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“The Pipeline Layout System brings a whole new dynamic to the pipeline industry. It is a game changer. We can now handle all aspects of the design with one integrated software program, and utilize GPS to take the guess work out of pipe bending and installation. Most importantly, we can now get the job done in about a quarter of the time, and benefit from a large reduction in wasted material.”

E. Alex Paris III, President and C.E.O., Alex E. Paris Contracting Co. Inc.

Civil architectural design
Porcelain insulator design
Waste water treatment process design
Heat recovery incinerator design
Chemical, pharma and food process plant design

Water treatment plant design

Generator, compressor and factory design

Reciprocating compressor design
Gas insulated switchgear design
Clock design with M4 Personal
Water filtration device design
Crane design and automated specification generation

Plasticizing machinery and plant design

Centrifugal pump design automation
Custom precision tool design
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