Colour Image Integration into CAD Designs

MEDRaster Colour
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Legacy data, drawings, sketches and photographs

MEDRaster Colour is the module for the integration, processing and storage of monochrome and coloured raster data, scans and photographs in CAD drawings. As a result, the module enables the combined processing of raster and construction data, where an enormous amount of time can be saved particularly in case of inventory data. With MEDRaster Colour, archived drawings and non-CAD documents can be used further for ongoing construction tasks. Your construction information can be handled with even more detail and external raster displays can be processed in conformity with your new planning data.
Easily incorporate supplementary information, such as colour maps, in your designs.

Convey it in Colour

Advances in technology have made colour drawing production increasingly common. MEDRaster Colour is ideal for using maps, 3D coloured images or photographs as part of a drawing, easily conveying important supplementary information.

How Does It Work?

MEDRaster Colour allows the display of scanned paper drawings or electronic image formats, which can then be deployed as a raster background in the vector environment of a M4 DRAFTING sheet, ensuring consistent integration of raster and vector graphics. Several raster images can be loaded, edited and managed separately or merged as a single new image directly in MEDRaster Colour.

Easy operation with high function scope

The MEDRaster Colour module offers an extensive functional pallet and the possibility to load JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF files into a CAD drawing. In M4 DRAFTING these can be exactly scaled, mirror-imaged, offset, aligned and customised to the relevant areas. For a better overview, individual raster drawings can be negated. Also several inserted displays can be combined into one single display. Of course the user can fade the raster data in or out at any time.
Einbindung, Bearbeitung und Speicherung von monochromen und farbigen Rasterdaten, Scans und Fotos in CAD-Zeichnungen
Integration, processing and storage of monochrome and coloured raster data, scans and photographs in CAD drawings
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