Engineering drawing symbols

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A symbol consists of elements from a sheet that have been stored in a symbol file. This file can then be used to load the stored elements onto other sheets, or onto the same sheet. A symbol may be a single element or a number of elements. Symbols are a powerful instrument of quickly creating a new drawing where a high degree of repetition is involved, or where extensive use is made of standard symbols such as in electrical schematics and logic diagrams. The availability of standard symbol libraries considerably reduces the work required to create such a drawing and also ensures a uniform drawing standard.

Predefined Graphical Shapes (Prims)

Predefined graphical shapes, or prims, are used to represent commonly-used shapes, for example, tolerance symbols. In its simplest form, a prim consists of one or more line elements that define a commonly used shape. Prims are similar to symbols although you cannot edit the geometry of a prim once it is displayed on the sheet. For this reason you only can use a prim which is predefined.


Specific line styles, text styles and symbols can now be saved as shortcuts in M4 DRAFTING. As a result, the individual styles and symbols can be accessed quickly from the corresponding dashboard without configuring them in advance.

QR Codes

M4 DRAFTING allows text, web addresses and other information concerning the drawing to be saved as QR (quick response) codes in the drawing. These can be edited quickly and easily by double-clicking on the QR code. This makes the drawing even more informative, and lets you encode the associated websites and information as a QR code.

Standard CAD Parts Library

M4 DRAFTING MEDParts, the industry-proven integrated standard CAD parts library for M4 DRAFTING, offers an extensive range of symbols for the mechanical engineering, pipeline construction and steel-framed building construction industries. No more time wasted drawing or modifying screws, bolts or fittings – simply use the intuitive user interface to select the desired part or symbol, displayed in a preview window prior to loading. Select your part measurements from the menus provided, or find the right part based on measurements in the design itself (where no standard part exists, the system will suggest the closest fit).

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