Parametrik und Automatisierung

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Simple parameterisation of construction data

PARAMETRICS is an add-on module for the M4 DRAFTING design automation software, which allows companies to achieve sophisticated, bespoke process automation. The PARAMETRICS module offers extremely powerful parametrics (variational geometry) functionality, designed to achieve significant productivity and efficiency gains throughout your business and its supply chain by automating many manual design, simulation and testing processes.
Funktionen zur Konstruktions- und Prozess-Automatisierung
Automate manual design, simulation and testing processes
Parametric CAD M4 DRAFTING

Creating Parametric Geometry

M4 DRAFTING’s familiar drafting tools allow you to easily create and dimension your geometry. Its parametric tool tray then provides access to all the additional functionality needed to parameterise your design. Use gridlines as a visual indicator of supported geometry, and a choice of static reference points to help set up your parameters. Group lines delineate areas of geometry that will not be parameterised (non-dimensioned points inside a group box do not have to be fully constrained), and you can define how those parts behave. Set up in-sheet parametric tables or command texts to create your variables, then save your parametric symbol or model files for use by other designers, who can be prompted to select or enter particular variables.

Using Parametric Geometry

On loading, M4 DRAFTING automatically calculates and takes into account the geometric (tangential, angular, symmetric, collinear etc.) relationships between elements, meaning you can quickly create parts families, simulate 2D movements and displacement over time, check interferences, or validate design integrity. PARAMETRICS, often used in conjunction with M4’s Bacis1 and Bacis2 programming languages, are deployed on projects throughout the globe, ultimately providing fully automated creation of designs and production variants.

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Automation of complete business processes

From Parametric Symbols to Automated Drawing Generation

M4 DRAFTING’s parametric functionality lies at the very heart of its design automation capabilities. The generation of supporting geometry and static reference points simplifies the parameterisation of individual drawings. The input of the variables for the adaptation of geometry is implemented over a dialog, a table or by using an external process. The parametrics provide for enormous time and quality advantages in the drawing generation and adaptation.
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