2D/3D Sheet Metal Design


Rapid generating and processing of 3D sheet-metal components

SMD is a module for 2D/3D sheet-metal construction. The sheet-metal work software is very simple to use and in spite of that offers extremely high-performance. The module for sheet-metal work provides users with maximum flexibility in the design of sheet-metal parts. The module works together with 3D M4 DRAFTING, and with that enables a genuine 3D model of a sheet-metal component to be generated and detailed from 2D geometry. In this way, the module offers a maximum of flexibility for 2D/3D sheet-metal design.
MEDUSA4 SMD is a module for 2D/3D sheet-metal construction.
2D/3D Sviluppo Lamiere – SMD
2D/3D Sheet Metal Design – MEDUSA4 SMD

Fold-back 3D sheet-metal constructions for manufacture according to 2D

Starting from the 3D design of a sheet-metal component, using the high-performance tools users can modify and then fold back sheet-metal development. Here flanges, lapping, corner structuring or cut-outs can then be added. After that it can be checked, either in the 3D model or in the 2D workshop drawing, whether the final version corresponds to requirements. Then the workshop drawing can be provided with memos, dimensioned and delivered for manufacture.