3D CAD Modelling

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Creating 3D Models without 3D Knowledge

The 3D CAD modelling in M4 DRAFTING convinces by its simple operability. Created for users who also wish to use their 2D expertise with 3D modelling, the add-on M4 DRAFTING module offers an intuitive approach to 3D for the highest level of productivity. 3D models are generated simply in a drawing in this case on the basis of several 2D views. Thus a very fast generation of a model, even without special 3D knowledge, is possible. M4 DRAFTING also allows rapid and simple processing of the 3D models. The integrated 3D viewer enables the interactive inspection of the 3D model on different levels of detail.

3D Modelle lassen sich in 3D schnell und einfach direkt aus mehreren 2D-Ansichten modellieren.
The 3D modelling tool offers an intuitive approach using standard 2D tools to define 3D models.
2D zu 3D CAD Modellierung
3D CAD Modelling

Generation of complete 3D module assemblies

In addition to the “basic3D” functionality included in M4 DRAFTING Premium, 3D Plus offers the possibility to generate complete module assemblies from several 3D models. As a result of this, complex 3D models can be compiled from several individual models. Complex structures can then be analysed as a whole, as well as to the individual 3D components that make them up, offering great flexibility, as well as the ability to analyse complex structures in their entirety. 3D allows you to export to and import all the standard 3D data formats. The interfaces available include: 3D DXF, 3D DWG, STEP, IGES, STL, COLLADA (export only), VRML (export only), and VDA-FS (export only).

Integrated 3D Viewer

The 3D CAD modelling in M4 DRAFTING offers an integral viewer, which allows you to view your models and interact with them by zooming, panning and rotating them in a dynamic colour-shaded environment.

Simple generation of complex 3D landscape models

The M4 DRAFTING Digital Terrain Modeller add-on module offers the possibility to automatically generate complex landscape models on the basis of elevation information provided in a 2D-drawing. This module enables architects and civil engineers to implement very rapid planning with the inclusion of the landscape data. The module is used throughout the world to model landscape features, such as river beds.
3D Digital Terrain Modeller
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