Customer Case Studies – MEDUSA4

"Over its long history, CU Phosco Lighting has focused on producing extremely reliable products, incorporating quality, longevity and cutting edge technology. MEDUSA has been part of our success since the mid 1980s, playing a crucial role in thousands of civic and industrial projects.”

- William Marques, Managing Director, CU Phosco Lighting

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ARA Meiringen
Waste water treatment process design
Viry France
Civil architectural design
Christ Kennicott (now OVIVO)
Water treatment plant design
Burckhardt Compression
Reciprocating compressor design
Chris Sangster
Clock design with MEDUSA4 Personal
Crane design and automated specification generation
Sulzer Pumpen
Centrifugal pump design automation
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Assembly process design
Atlas Copco
Generator, compressor and factory design
Porcelain insulator design
CEL International (now WSP CEL)
Chemical, pharma and food process plant design
Water filtration device design
Plasticizing machinery and plant design
Custom precision tool design
Siemens T&D
Gas insulated switchgear design
Graham & Brown
Heat recovery incinerator design
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