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Fabrikplanung: 3D-Visualisierung
M4 REVIEW version 7.1 with more 3D and new 2D viewing functions
The new version of the viewer now supports the M4 2D format SHE in addition to the versatile 3D formats. This allows the viewer to view 3D models as well as 2D drawings.
How to present your products in augmented reality
The i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW app draws attention to your products by enabling impressive presentations in augmented reality
M4 DRAFTING-thumbnail
Every company is individual – as is this CAD software
M4 DRAFTING provides the necessary standardization, centralization and integration required by small and large companies
Designing plants or factories of any size for high performance
New functionality for the rapid design of very large and complex factories and plants, M4 PLANT makes it possible
Next generation P&ID software – M4 P&ID FX version 7.0 released
CAD Schroer releases the new version 7.0 of its professional P&ID software – optimized for the quick and easy creation of P&IDs
VR Viewer Software
A Virtual Reality (VR) viewer fit for industry
The new version (2.0) of the i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW VR Viewer represents a huge leap forward in new technology for industrial applications
Now Released: i4 Augmented Catalog App
Upvalue your brochures. Now you can add AR experiences to your marketing materials with the new i4 Augmented Catalog app.
We are here for you during the crisis
More than ever, it is important that your business continues to run, and of course we will be here to help you through the current crisis. All of our services remain available to you and we have...
M4 brings a breath of fresh air to mechanical engineering and plant design
With M4, CAD Schroer introduces its fully redesigned CAD product line. Engineers, designers and plant engineers can now look forward to the most advanced design experience ever. The new product...
Isometrie für PTC Creo Piping - M4 ISO
M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping Version 3.0 released
CAD Schroer unveils M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping, a new solution for the automated creation of Piping Isometrics, fully integrated with
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