Seamlessly integrated piping isometrics for Creo Piping

The ideal solution for all companies that use Creo Piping and want to see their piping optimally manufactured

Piping isometrics form a solid basis for the production and documentation of pipework of any size. Due to their simplicity and compact visualisation, even very complex pipework systems can be represented together with detailed parts lists.

The Creo Piping module provides companies with an efficient tool for designing pipework. M4 ISO is an add-on module that enables the automated generation of detailed piping isometrics directly from the Creo Piping design. Fully dimensioned piping isometric drawings together the associated parts lists, weld lists and pipe-bending machine ready bend tables are produced at the push of a button. All documents are generated ready for production in just a few seconds in compliance with the relevant company standards.

New version 4.2 of M4 ISO for Creo Piping

The latest version of the piping isometric software for Creo Piping includes a range of improvements and optimisations that make the creation of piping isometrics even easier and more efficient. Version 4.2 can be used with the latest versions of Creo. “From the very first version, M4 ISO was optimised for the creation of piping isometrics directly from Creo, says Dr Uwe Klemme, Creo Consultant at CAD Schroer GmbH. “Our customers often have company-specific requirements to suit their individual manufacturing processes. With each new version, we accomodate these requirements to make M4 ISO even more effective.”

Create the isometry of a pipe
Isometrie für PTC Creo Piping

Production-ready documentation of pipework designs at the push of a button

M4 ISO version 4.2 provides everything that Creo Piping users need for the documentation and production of pipework. From the automatic generation of unscaled piping isometric drawings to the detailed creation of parts lists, bend tables and weld lists, this powerful Creo Piping add-on module covers all aspects of professional piping design. Companies benefit from numerous advantages that save a lot of time and therefore also cost. These advantages include the completely automated generation of piping isometrics and associated documentation as well as the customisation of all documents to suit the company’s own standards.

Try M4 ISO for Creo Piping free of charge

Companies can try M4 ISO free of charge and see the benefits for themselves. The M4 ISO team from CAD Schroer supports each trial so that every company can benefit from the advantages of the software and get the most out of it. This team of experts also analyses company-specific requirements and shows possible ways in which these can be satisfied with M4 ISO.

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