Offer for start-ups in plant engineering and factory design

With this unique promotion, start-ups can use the plant engineering and factory design software M4 PLANT at particularly favourable conditions.

Moers, Germany, 26 June 2024: From today, young companies can obtain the plant engineering and factory design software M4 PLANT at particularly favourable conditions. This enables start-ups to turn their ideas into detailed 3D designs from day one.

Start-ups are always faced with the challenge of turning their innovative ideas into concrete designs. An idea must be brought to market maturity as quickly as possible so that the young company can really start to grow.  


However, the right design tools are often lacking, especially at the beginning, due to a lack of budget or initial barriers to investment. This is exactly where M4 PLANT comes in with its current start-up promotion. The heavily discounted conditions for access to professional design software are very favourable for young companies.  

From vision to reality

The path from business idea to successful company is already full of challenges for start-ups. For start-ups in plant engineering and factory design, every decision influences the future of the company.  


A key aspect of this is choosing the right design software with the right software partner to support the company through the initial challenges. However, given the often limited start-up capital, investing in high-quality software is not always easy to realise. 

MPDS4 Starterpaket: Fabrikmodellierung, Implementierung und Schulung

Special offer for young companies

“With our start-up campaign, we are giving young companies the support they need, especially in the first few years,” explains Gilbert Koch, Managing Director of CAD Schroer. “With our special campaign, we want to make a contribution to supporting start-ups in the field of plant engineering and factory design. We want to give them access to the tools they need to realise their innovative ideas as quickly as possible.” 


Accelerated start to projects

In order to make it easier to get started with the software and to ensure that the first projects are launched as quickly as possible, the companies have access to a flexible training model that is particularly tailored to the project-specific requirements of start-ups. “Our aim is to equip start-ups with the best available software and methodology right from the start so that they can fully exploit their competitive advantage in the industry,” emphasises Gilbert Koch. 

Participation in the special offer

CAD Schroer cordially invites all start-ups in the fields of plant engineering and factory design to take advantage of this unique opportunity. For more information on the conditions, interested companies can contact CAD Schroer directly. 

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