New M4 P&ID Premium package:
More flexibility and extended functions

The P&ID software M4 P&ID gets a new premium package with new options for customised numbering, image integration and configuration 

M4 P&ID is a P&ID software that enables intelligent process engineering design. With the recently released premium package, the software now has an even greater range of functions and even more configuration options. 

Intelligent numbering systems

The new M4 P&ID Premium package includes an intelligent numbering system that allows any company to use its own numbering for components. This allows companies to use their existing labelling systems for the numbering of devices, units, equipment and plant components and adapt them individually. This also includes the identification system for power stations “KKS” and similar systems. This flexibility makes it possible to respond precisely to project and customer-specific requirements. The software can also include several labelling systems, which users can choose from depending on the project. 

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Integration of images

The new M4 P&ID Premium package supports the integration of graphics, photos, images and scans directly into the flow diagrams. This ensures a more detailed and clearer presentation of the individual projects, as existing plans, photos or other image documents can now be processed directly in the flow diagrams. Functions for editing the individual images are also available. This means that additional information or graphics can be added to the flow diagrams with little effort to illustrate the project even better. 

Extended configuration options

Another highlight of the new Premium package is the extended configuration and installation options. These allow the software to be customised even more comprehensively to the specific needs and requirements of the company. The M4 P&ID Premium package offers decisive advantages, particularly in a multi-user environment or for the central administration of catalogues. 

Experience the M4 P&ID Premium package live

The M4 P&ID Premium package is now available. Interested companies can contact the CAD Schroer team directly and experience the software live. “With M4 P&ID Premium, our customers now have even more flexibility and functionality when designing their P&ID projects. The individual numbering systems and the possibility of image integration open up new ways for more precise and efficient design” says Gilbert Koch, Managing Director of CAD Schroer GmbH. 

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