Suppliers of refrigeration systems increasingly rely on M4 PLANT

Refrigeration technology is experiencing rapid development. Technological advances, rising demand, environmental regulations, energy efficiency and digitalisation are causing plant manufacturers to turn to design solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In order for us to be able to buy our food as fresh as possible every day, it must be kept refrigerated at all times. Refrigeration technology plays a decisive role in this. Manufacturers of refrigeration systems ensure that the cooling is optimally matched to the food throughout the entire supply chain. Due to the increasing dynamics in the current market, the demands on refrigeration systems are also increasing, and with them the degree of complexity with which system manufacturers are confronted. Increasingly complex systems have to be designed and delivered in an even shorter time.  

M4 PLANT Refrigeration plant
Refrigeration plant planned with M4 PLANT

Successful refrigeration system design requires a flexible solution

Today, plant designers need a comprehensive design solution that can adapt to the challenges of their customers. It must support the design team with an integrated design process and automate many of the processes that were previously carried out manually. With design software such as M4 PLANT, companies in the refrigeration industry can optimise their design processes and increase their efficiency. The software offers seamless integration between P&ID creation, 3D piping design, and the generation of piping isometrics and 2D drawings. M4 PLANT also has a wide range of functionality that automates many manual processes and thus saves a lot of time, as well as increasing the quality of the design.

Refrigeration plant designers trust in M4 PLANT

M4 PLANT has already proven to be a reliable and powerful solution for refrigeration companies. With the help of this plant engineering software, these companies have been able to optimise their design processes and thus increase their efficiency, which in turn has had a positive impact on their business results. The many quality assurance mechanisms in M4 PLANT have also ensured that fewer errors occur throughout the process. This in turn saves costs during the entire design and implementation process. 

M4 PLANT Refrigeration plant

Presenting your projects in the best light

In addition to many other advantages, M4 PLANT offers the possibility to present projects in the best possible way. For example, screenshots or videos of first-person tours of plants can be used on websites or in marketing documents to optimally present services. In addition, CAD Schroer, the manufacturer of the software, works closely with the refrigeration plant designers to ensure that M4 PLANT meets their needs so that refrigeration plants can be designed quickly and efficiently. 

M4 PLANT accelerates your project design

Accelerated design can be achieved today with the help of M4 PLANT. This is because in addition to a trial version of the software, CAD Schroer also has experts available who are happy to present the software in detail to interested companies and support them in trialling the software. A rapid start for your first project can also be achieved with a project-accompanying workshop. 

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