Automated piping isometrics:
M4 ISO FX 7.2 improves accuracy and saves time

New version of piping isometrics software simplifies the creation of piping isometrics and optimizes design and production.

With M4 ISO FX 7.2, software developer CAD Schroer presents the next version of the globally popular solution for the automated generation of piping isometric drawings, and adds a number of new features and improvements.

Optimized piping isometrics for even better results

With M4 ISO FX, users can benefit from improved piping isometrics because isometrics can be generated from PCF files produced by all common 3D piping systems. Version 7.2 also optimizes the generation and display of piping isometrics for even more accurate and precise production. The generated isometrics provide an improved overview of the pipework, fittings and components, resulting in more efficient assembly and installation.

M4 Iso Rohrleitung-Isometrie

Automated generation of bills of materials and bending tables

One of the outstanding features of M4 ISO FX 7.2 is the fully automated generation of parts lists and pipe bend tables. With just one click, users can automatically obtain a wealth of detailed information about the piping isometrics, including the quantity of parts and materials required, together with welding and pipe bend tables. This feature saves valuable time and reduces the risk of errors. “With the new version of M4 ISO FX, we are setting a new standard in the creation of piping isometrics,” says Bill Wilkins, Account Manager at CAD Schroer. “Every day, our customers benefit from the automated generation of accurate piping isometrics. As a result, they can make their design and production processes more efficient, saving both time and money.”

The ultimate solution for piping isometrics

The latest version of M4 ISO FX is now available and offers users an optimized solution for the efficient creation of large-scale piping isometrics. M4 ISO FX is an ideal solution for both small businesses and large engineering companies. The software supports a wide range of industrial sectors such as chemical, oil and gas, energy, food and beverage, and the pharmaceutical industry. Interested parties can download M4 ISO FX 7.2 from CAD Schroers website and apply for a free trial. In addition to its range of services, CAD Schroer offers consultations to discuss individual requirements. Their experienced team also provides training and workshops to help users realize the full potential of M4 ISO FX 7.2.

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