Free CAD software for research and education

Schools, universities and research institutes around the world rely on CAD Schroer's CAD software

Moers, Germany – CAD Schroer supports education and research with free plant engineering, factory design, P&ID and 2D/3D CAD software. 

CAD Schroer has one thing firmly anchored in its corporate culture: the company supports schools, universities and research institutes worldwide with its own CAD software. In doing so, it aims to set new standards in the field of technical education and research.  The highly developed CAD solutions M4 DRAFTING and M4 PLANT offer everything for the design of plants, factories and individual machines. The software has been made available free of charge to research organisations and educational institutes for decades. This initiative gives students, teachers and researchers quick and easy access to professional tools. 

Focus on education and research

The software manufacturer CAD Schroer is a provider of engineering software solutions that are used worldwide in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering and factory design. A specially introduced support programme in the area of education and research provides the next generation of engineers and technicians with very easy and free access to advanced software products. In the areas of process engineering design and 2D or 3D design, the facilities rely on M4 DRAFTING. When it comes to plant engineering, pipeline construction or factory design, M4 PLANT fulfils all the necessary requirements. For non-commercial use, these software packages are available free of charge to educational and research institutions as well as pupils and students. 

An eye on the future

“We firmly believe that access to high-quality technical tools is a decisive factor in training the engineers of tomorrow,“ says Michael Schroer, Managing Director of CAD Schroer. “With our funding programme, we want to make our contribution and ensure that financial hurdles do not hinder learning progress.“ This is also reflected in the simple application process for licences. Teachers, pupils or students can simply fill out a form on the CAD Schroer website and receive the licences after a short check. Video tutorials and full documentation are available for quick learning of the software. 

35% discount for commercial use

Many research institutions and universities are also working on commercial projects. As these were excluded from the previous funding programme, CAD Schroer is now offering a solution specifically for commercial research projects. In addition to the current initiative, a permanent discount of 35% on the licence costs is being offered. This discount is designed for educational and research institutions that wish to use M4 PLANT or M4 DRAFTING for commercial projects. In addition to the software licence, the institutions also gain access to full software maintenance, including the entire service package. This option will give institutions a new flexibility that will drive their projects and research forward without restrictions. 

Apply for licences free of charge

Interested institutions, pupils or students can simply request their licences on the CAD Schroer website in the student version section. For larger installations in computer rooms, it is also possible to use network licences. 

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