Plant design and factory layout software for renewable energies

The M4 PLANT software for plant design and factory layout is being offered at a reduced price as part of a special promotion for companies in the renewable energy sector.

Supporting renewable energy projects with affordable 3D design software is high on CAD Schroer’s agenda. With M4 PLANT, designers benefit from high-performance 3D software tailored to meet the challenges of plant design and factory layout.

M4 PLANT: Renewable Energy Campaign

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For environmentally friendly plants and factories

Limiting global warming and increasing awareness of our environment are the drivers for the growing use of new environmentally friendly technologies and more efficient use of renewable energy sources. “The issue of environmental protection is close to our hearts, which is why we want to help companies in the renewable energy sector to design their projects faster and with higher quality through the use of our software and the advice of our experts,” says Michael Schroer, Managing Director of CAD Schroer. “Every company is invited to try M4 PLANT free of charge. And those who need help getting started can also receive assistance from our technical support team.”
Promotion for renewable energy projects: M4 PLANT

High-performance 3D design of very large plants

Renewable energy plants often require an enormous amount of space. With M4 PLANT, however, designers have 3D software at their fingertips for which size and distance are irrelevant. The software’s advanced architecture enables entire process plants to be designed efficiently. Even several plants or factories next to each other are common practice with M4 PLANT. In addition, the software also processes landscape data so that it can be included in the 3D design.

Always keeping an eye on the future

In addition to the extensive functionality that M4 PLANT offers out of the box, companies also benefit from a direct connection to augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) applications with the software. This means that 3D designs can be exported directly from M4 PLANT into the appropriate format and viewed in a standalone VR or AR viewer, which are also part of CAD Schroer’s product range.
“M4 PLANT is already being used by our customers for the design of renewable energy plants. We look forward to supporting more companies with our software and know-how to realise even more renewable energy generation projects,” says Michael Schroer.
M4 PLANT discount for renewable energy projects

"With our current promotion, we are offering companies very special terms on our M4 PLANT software for plant design and factory layout when used on renewable energy projects.“

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