The easiest way to create piping isometrics

End-to-end pipework design requires unscaled piping isometrics for manufacturing and documentation

If you want to manufacture pipework quickly and easily, use piping isometrics. These industry specialised drawings contain all the information needed for manufacture and documentation. An indispensable tool for pipework fabrication.

Pipework Design: 3D Preferred

Machine-level pipework is typically designed using 3D CAD software, such as PTC’s Creo Piping. For large-scale plant design, more specialised CAD software is often the preferred choice, such as M4 PLANT by CAD Schroer. These solutions are highly affordable given the speed with which designs can be produced, and the level of quality that can be achieved, with them. The end result is a fully-detailed design of the pipework together with comprehensive parts lists for pipes, valves, gaskets and bolts etc.

Affordable solution for piping isometrics
Automatic generation of piping isometrics
Automatic generation of piping isometrics

3D brings automation for piping isometrics

Once the design of pipework has been completed in 3D, a complete set of 2D piping isometric drawings is needed to facilitate the fabrication of the pipework. With the M4 ISO add-on module this task can be accomplished at the push of a button. M4 ISO enables the automatic generation of fully dimensioned, fully annotated 2D piping isometric drawings directly from the 3D pipework design, containing all information required for manufacture.

Piping Isometrics as you like them

CAD Schroer’s M4 ISO software for the production of piping isometric drawings is highly configurable. The layout, content, and appearance of the drawings produced can be customised to suit the customer’s specific requirements, including the use of the customer’s own drawing templates. With M4 ISO, piping isometrics are automatically created in the required style directly from the 3D pipework model. M4 ISO is available for use with either Creo Piping or M4 PLANT. Both M4 ISO software packages are available on the CAD Schroer website.

A simple way to create isometrics
A simple way to create isometrics
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