Contributions and Articles

Three easy steps to get started with 3D factory design

The introduction of 3D factory design does not have to be difficult and brings with it a lot of advantages.

How 3D plant design software can help you secure more customers

3D design software helps to plan plant design projects quickly and provides impressive presentations to customers.

Revolutionise your P&ID designs with the help of a modern software package

One of the first tasks when designing process plant is the creation of P&IDs. Depending on the tools used, the design time required and the quality...

Digital factory as a start in Industry 4.0

Through Industry 4.0, the entire factory is digitised and automated. The first step for most people is to digitise your own factory.

Better collaboration thanks to cloud connected CAD software

Modern CAD systems offer integration with cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, in addition to PDM systems.

P&IDs, 3D Pipework and Piping Isometrics in One Integrated System

MPDS4 provides an integrated suite of intelligent software that enables design information to flow from the P&ID to 3D pipework layout and onto the...

Parametric design configuration included in free cad software

Configure and generate designs parametrically without programming expertise with MEDUSA4 Personal

It is always awkward - even in process engineering

It simply goes with intelligent P&IDs and the power of attributes in M4 P&ID FX

Professional Planning for 3D Machine Assembly

Engineers constantly face the challenge of setting up their machines in an existing building – as professionally as possible

Create 3D models cost effectively for 3D printing

For 3D printing, models can be created with free CAD software and then converted into 3D STL format

Innovative licensing model minimises CAD software costs

Thanks to the innovative licensing model and MEDUSA4 Personal, small companies can carry out design projects at low cost.