PDM/PLM Integrations - STHENO/PRO

STHENO/PRO Windchill PDMLink Integration

The STHENO/PRO Windchill PDMLink interface was designed to provide tight integration between STHENO/PRO and your data management environment, helping to optimise the product development process. It lets you search for STHENO/PRO sheets, request drawings for editing, return edited sheets via check-in or update into the central storage area, and set up batch loading for complete existing data sets.

You can integrate chosen PDMLink attributes with your STHENO/PRO sheet headers, and edit master parts information when storing sheets, with bi-directional auto update. Associations between parts and sheets can be edited and updated individually. Because PDMLink is a Web-based system, this integration allows you to manage your designs remotely, ideal for today’s global businesses.

STHENO2SAP – SAP Integration via the Engineering Control Center (ECTR)

The optional STHENO2SAP bi-directional interface, developed specifically for users of ECTR and SAP’s PLM solutions, provides easy integration of engineering data with corporate process flows.

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