Virtual meetings go into round 2.0

The new version 2.0 of i4 MEETING offers more functionality, enabling even better online meetings in virtual reality

Online meetings in virtual reality (VR) are on the rise and will replace many types of meeting in the near future. This is because optimal interaction between meeting participants requires a common space which i4 MEETING offers in the form of a 3D virtual world. Here, participants can freely move around customisable VR worlds and view 3D models and related media. For example, CAD models of products, machinery, and even entire plants and factories. You can exchange ideas about products and projects, present them live, and experience them full-size in VR. Version 2.0 of the i4 MEETING platform has been enhanced with many new features, making virtual meetings even more impressive and effective.

i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW for extensive design data in Virtual Reality
More flexible VR content through videos and images

More flexible VR content through videos and images

From version 2.0, videos and images can be displayed within a VR meeting. Meeting participants can then view the media at specific locations within the 3D world and thus obtain detailed information about a specific topic. The use of videos and images enables key messages to be easily conveyed at relevant locations.

Better collaboration through virtual reality

The new version of i4 MEETING offers even better collaboration. Entire assemblies and their individual components can now be interactively selected. Selected objects appear highlighted in red to meeting participants. This makes it even easier to review designs because it draws the attention of participants to the highlighted parts, and thus directs the discussions. In addition, points of interest can be defined in the VR world, to which participants can teleport at the click of a button. This makes it very quick and easy to travel around large VR worlds.

Better collaboration through virtual reality

“Collaboration is at the heart of i4 MEETING. Our VR meeting solution makes online design reviews quick and easy, and is equally effective for online sales and marketing applications. With i4 MEETING 2.0, users benefit from even more powerful, user-friendly collaboration,” says Thomas Klug, Technical Director at CAD Schroer. “We are amazed at the incredible VR worlds our users create with i4 MEETING, and are convinced that users will also love the new features.”

Better administration of VR meetings

Meeting administration in i4 MEETING version 2.0 has been enhanced to make it easier to put together VR worlds for meetings. Additional participant management capabilities have also been added. These and other enhancements make for even simpler and more impressive VR meetings.

i4 MEETING – Try it online now

i4 MEETING can be easily trialled online. Several trial meetings are available, each containing a ready-made 3D world for you to explore, together with other meeting participants. Anyone who wants to try i4 MEETING with their own 3D models can simply contact CAD Schroer. For your own VR meetings, several VR rooms can be booked, for example for three or twelve months, in which you can then hold your own online meetings with your own 3D models. Meeting participants can immerse themselves in your meetings using a PC, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses.

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