Moers, January 2005

CAD Schroer France Joins our Growing International Family

This New Year’s Eve we celebrated the opening of CAD Schroer’s latest subsidiary in Montreuil, Paris.

The move was made as a response to a growing French customer base, and in support of a profound commitment to superior, personal customer service in all our major markets. In the same vein, we are currently finalising plans for a subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

What Can French Customers Expect?

A dedicated team of local experts has been set up to look after French client needs more closely than ever before. The personal involvement of Founding Director Michael Schroer is set to ensure that the new operation exceeds customer expectations.

Our French team is committed to close communication and collaboration with the local customer base. Queries will be answered more quickly, product localisation further improved, and country-specific requirements met with greater speed. CAD Schroer France runs a dedicated telephone and e-mail hotline to French-speaking support staff

“The future is shaped by our clients,” emphasizes Michael Schroer. “We look forward to our French customers taking an active interest, sharing ideas and requirements with their local CAD Schroer team, and helping to form our products for decades to come.”

French Office Details:

CAD Schroer France
261 Rue de Paris
F-93556 Montreuil

Telephone : + 33 (0) 1 48 51 05 08
Fax : + 33 (0) 1 43 62 87 69