Release Announcement

Moers, February 2005

Dear MEDUSA customer,

We are pleased to announce the release of MEDUSA Next Generation 2003, build 300. This latest maintenance release of MEDUSA NG forms part of our promise to actively maintain the software for those customers not yet ready to migrate to last summer’s release of the new generation system, MEDUSA4.

Build 300 delivers many of the fixes and performance enhancements requested by you, our customers. Because of the significant resources invested, we have been able to close around 340 support calls. (A full list of closed calls can be found in the Release Notes on the CD). In line with our commitment to multi-national customers, this release is fully localised into all supported languages for a quick and easy upgrade.

Most major components boast significant quality improvements and enhancements, including:

  • 2D: New Join Line Tool, Super Print Auto Area and Dimension format extensions
  • CADConvert: extended processing of MTEXT element and enhanced colour mapping
  • MEDPRO: upgraded to interact with PTC® Wildfire 2 on Windows®
  • MPDS: addition of interactive Lighting Dialog
  • 3D Interfaces: addition of STL Import and Export
  • IGES: new capability to translate colour and boldness
  • MEDWindChill: Complete upgrade for WindChill® Foundation and PDMLINK® 7.0

(Much more information can be found in the Release Notes on the CD.)

Ultimately it is, of course, MEDUSA4 – available as a free upgrade for all maintenance paying customers – that is the focus of our concentrated development efforts, supporting our goal of continually delivering innovative solutions to meet and beat your expectations.

A growing number of customers are already fully upgraded and using MEDUSA4 in production. Many more have taken up our offer of two additional loan licenses to evaluate MEDUSA4 – have you?

Finally, we would like to extend a warm thank you to all of you for your unremitting support of the MEDUSA product line. In the last 12 months we have seen an unprecedented number of companies committing to long-term support contracts, and many more have revitalised lapsed maintenance contracts. Together, we are looking forward to a long and successful collaborative relationship well into the future.

On behalf of the whole CAD Schroer Team,

Mark Simpson
Product Line Manager