MEDUSA4™ - The Fourth Generation

Moers, August 30, 2004

We are glad to announce the release of MEDUSA4 – the fourth generation of the renowned MEDUSA drafting suite – setting the benchmark for 2D design productivity.

Since acquiring the product from PTC® at the beginning of 2002, we have been fulfilling our promise to customers to modernise and innovate. MEDUSA4 delivers a completely new version of the CAD system, long known for its stability, efficiency, and ability to handle large amounts of data across multiple platforms.

In addition to the impressive array of new functionality and design efficiency offered by MEDUSA4, beta test candidates also lauded its ability to quickly and easily handle even the most complex design tasks.

“MEDUSA4 combines proven technology with new, innovative tools”, says our Product Manager Mark Simpson. “And most importantly for users, we’ve completely restyled the user interface, providing a clear and clean structure, where tools are intuitively grouped for effective use right out of the box. Plus users can quickly customise the workspace to meet their exact requirements, often leading to substantial productivity gains”.

The core product, available as a free upgrade to all maintenance-paying customers, has been significantly expanded.

“We all know that customers’ budgets are tight, and competitiveness is key to their success. The goal of our software is to steadily reduce design times, thus offering a quick and ongoing return on investment. MEDUSA4 is, of course, an excellent technological foundation for the future ” explains Thomas Schubert, General Manager. To this end, MEDUSA4 introduces a series of expanded tools, including construction groups, 2D features and dynamic segment editing, all of which help to significantly cut design times.

Our developers are especially proud of the newly-introduced style concept, which enables users to directly and intuitively deploy a multitude of functions. Styles allow companies to easily enforce their corporate standards without over constraining their users.

Another highlight of the newly released modules that make up the MEDUSA4 product suite is the Web-enabled document manager, MEDInfo, making use of the latest Internet technologies. Additional modules, including an enhanced version of MEDRaster (enabling the advanced use and manipulation of raster images in a design), are now available.

Flexibility has always been key to the product’s success, and the fourth generation holds true to that promise: like previous versions, MEDUSA4 is available for Microsoft® Windows, Sun® Solaris, and HP-UX® platforms, while a Linux version is currently under development.

MEDUSA4 includes many other new and extended features. For more information, please visit the dedicated website at MEDUSA4.

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